Since 2014, Pawel’s Children has been dedicated to supporting the education of children in Rajasthan, India.

But our heart goes out to the children of Ukraine, forced to flee their homes in the midst of military attacks, with little more than the clothes on their backs.

In this time of great need, Pawel’s Children is extending our support to schools in Poland, where Pawel was born, that are caring for and educating Ukrainian refugees.

Just $20 will provide an entire month of hot meals to a Ukrainian child and our goal is to feed all of the Ukrainian refugees taken in by the school Pawel’s mother attended as a child.

As always, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to support the education and well-being of children in need.

We have helped build and renovate structures for over 500 students at a school in Abhaneri, India.

Pawel’s Children is a non-profit 501c3 foundation committed to raising funds for the education of children in need abroad. Since 2014 we’ve supported the Abhaneri School in Rajasthan, India with the goal of ensuring that the school has the physical structure, resources, and supplies it needs to provide an education to its children, and that every child in the village can afford to attend school so that they can achieve their dreams.

In light of recent circumstances, and the organization’s deep ties to Eastern Europe, Pawel’s Children is extending our support to Ukrainian refugee students attending school in exile. All donations received for the foreseeable future will support Ukrainian refugee children, unless otherwise requested by a donor.

Pawel’s Children has no overhead, so 100% of donations the foundation receives go directly to schools educating and caring for children in need.

But we have much more work to do! Join us!

Our Impact from 2014 to Today

  • Founded in 2004 with 40 students
  • Current enrollment: 600+ (up from 320 in 2014) students eager to learn
  • # of bathrooms: 8 (from 0 in 2014)
  • # of classrooms: 15 (up by 12 from 2014)
  • # of buses: 2 (up 1 from 1 in 2014)
  • Furnished classrooms
  • High school program established
  • # of teachers: 20+ (up from 8 in 2014)
  • Accreditation received in 2017
  • Completed construction of new 2 story building
  • Computer lab